What’s this project about?

Greetings. I’m an Associate Professor at Seton Hall University. I teach at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations. In Spring 2012, I chose to focus my International Organizations class on a project. Rather than have the students write individual research papers, we’ve written a class project evaluating the effectiveness of OECD economic surveillance.

Why a project?
Two reasons. First, for myself, changing course assignments keeps things fresh. Second, and more importantly, I believe that assignments should ideally reflect skill sets that students need for graduation. Their futures are going to involve collaborative projects. Why not infuse those in our extant curriculum?

Why the OECD?
This is simple. I’m interested in economic surveillance as practiced by the International Monetary Fund. Surveillance is understudied, and with the advent of the global economic crisis, it has taken on greater importance.

What if I have questions about the project?
Please feel free to contact the project team if you have any questions.

Thanks for your interest!

– Martin S. Edwards


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